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Team Development

Team Development is a totally different thing thanTeam Building. It's all about building an effective organziation on the long term by embedding the following principles:

  • clear company objectives and individual goals and clear communication about that
  • all individuals on each level in the organization take full responsibility for their job
  • nobody is interfering in others business as long as their own contribution to the company is not in danger
  • everybody rings the bell when they see that somewhere the contribution to the company IS in danger
  • clear differentation between THE business, OUR business and MY business

Each individual therefor should follow the rules of the responsibility principles:

  • Responsibility as Producer (do the job you're hired for)
  • Responsibility as Specialist (make sure you take the lead in those situations where it is clear that you are the real specialist)
  • Responsibility as Team Member (never let the others down when they are in trouble and stay out when they are not)

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